About Us

About Famous Brands

Famous Brands is a niche brand development company. We are a veteran-owned business that has built its reputation on the principals of customer service and integrity.

Famous Brands delivers products that resonate within their customer’s markets and continue to meet the demands of an ever-changing consumer base.  Quality, value and proven sales channels are the basic elements of the success of our brands.  Famous Brands offers a line of diverse and innovative and will continue to react to market needs and trends as we move into the future.

Brand Support

Famous Brands supports its brands through a hands-on approach to brand identity.  With regular tasting programs, social media, outdoor, on premise and off-premise promotional events, Famous Brands products give the distributors the support they need and deserve to resonate with the consumer.


Headed by U.S. Marine Corps veteran Derek Sisson Famous Brands has built an experienced and passionate team of dedicated professionals that deliver quality and are committed to every customer and their feedback.

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